Friday, January 20, 2012

The Megaupload Case Isn't As Simple As Some Say

The Mega empire: Details of the MegaUpload indictment — Tech News and Analysis

There's been a big uproar about the bust of the huge file sharing site called Megaupload today. Many are standing up for them and saying that this is a potential threat to other file sharing sites such as Box and Dropbox. But GigaOm cites the actual indictment in their article and if the claims are true then it's pretty obvious what it takes to get nailed. Emails discussing the transfer of files from YouTube, emails discussing cash rewards for users who upload certain DVDs, executives looking for copyrighted material to upload personally and a programmer who was uploading copies of his own DVDs does not exactly scream "Honest business model.". There's lots of rational debate about copyright, the ability to stop piracy and how much economic harm piracy actually does but it looks like the folks running Megaupload were standing up and screaming "Bust us!!!" as loud as they could.