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When workers aren't considered an asset there are consequences

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Michelle Bachmann can't go too far

Mega-eruptions Caused Mass Extinction, Study Finds

Since fresh water is something that might get scarce...

NASA rep tell Congress the truth on asteroid defense

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Giant New Telescope Inaugurated in Chile Today

Time for a new RSS reader

Douglas Holtz-Eakin: Balancing the Budget Is Just a Sales Gimmick to Gut the Federal Government. And We Republicans Think It Will Work! [UPDATED] | Angry Bear - Financial and Economic Commentary

Paul Ryan, Faux Wonk

Paul Ryan isn't really changing anything

Maybe some rethinking is in order for astronomers

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A better article on the "extended hockey stick" study

Are game companies capable of learning?

Well, it might be hyperbole but Forbes calls Microsoft Excel dangerous

This is the headline at Mother Jones: The Scariest Climate Change Graph Just Got Scarier

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The obvious sometimes needs pointing out

Another math challenged politician

Drop Some Climate Reality Into the Web of Denial Myths | DeSmogBlog

Once upon a time geekiness was so uncool

And for the coffee drinking Trek fan

This toy could be so much fun

Yes, NASA should get more research funding for projects like this

The Wonder of Science

Best wearable remote I've seen

Headlines mix up

Krugman the semi-optimist

When those AGW deniers talk about the last decade or so...

From Mashable - Google Shows 'How Search Works' With New Site