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Q: What Likes Global Warming? - A: Pests.

Earth-to-Moon Laser Tests Could Ignite New Era in Space Comms | Space | TechNewsWorld

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The Simplest Periodic Table We've Ever Seen - StumbleUpon

I hope I have enough time next week.

Showdown over NASA funding likely

Commodities markets look be rigged, that is.

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The Bogus High-Tech Worker Shortage

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RealClearPolitics forgets a major factor in article on female GOP candidates for President

British conservative politicians can have awful ideas too

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STEM education and STEM jobs aren't a silver bullet for U.S. unemployment

The German Green Lantern

Self-Regulation as Scam: The Aluminum 'Merry-Go-Round' | The Business Desk with Paul Solman | PBS NewsHour | PBS

Ken Cuccinelli, the Republican candidate for governor in Virginia, wants to ban oral sex.

DVDs and Blu-Rays will still be relevant for a while yet

Why Frank Herbert's 'Dune' Still Matters : The New Yorker

Some of the reporting on Snowden's leaks just isn't accurate

Kickstarter Tech Project of the Week: Buccaneer 3D Printer |

Conflicting strategy messages from the FBI

First-ever high-res photos of chemical bonds breaking - Boing Boing

GOP lawmakers link Sebelius calls to IPAB concerns

The Conservative Groups Often Deserved Investigation

Last Day of ConQuest

Off to ConQuest

New Audit Allegations Show Flawed Statistical Thinking -

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Is this the reason the IRS screw up and Benghazi are being pushed so hard?

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Senators’ boycott blocks action to confirm EPA head

Medicare Pulls Back Curtain On Hospital Bills

Pets may help cut heart disease risk: American Heart Association | Reuters

iTelescope - A Timeshare Telescope program

Psychic Claimed Amanda Berry Was Dead : Discovery News

Will Business Step In to End a Sequester-Driven Research Funding Gap?

No, technology is not an unmixed blessing

Los Alamos National Lab has had quantum-encrypted internet for over two years

ORBX streaming tech could revolutionize computing

Summers v. Hubbard - And the result just isn't very suprising.

A Very Strange Sight for the Day after May Day

Places in the Heart of a Bibliophile

Weird Anti-Science

It's not Capitalism, it's EXTREME Capitalism

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Issues and Priorities in Congress

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Honesty about a complex subject

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Did NRA Supported Policies Impede the Boston Bomber Investigation?

15 facts about our planet from Bad Astronomy

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Hubble has given us so many beautiful images

There's a place where an 'anti-incest' app is a good idea

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Alien Things

Ford and GM partnership an example of every little bit helping

It's not just CO2 we need to worry about

How NASA brought the monstrous F-1 “moon rocket” engine back to life

The Problem of Too Many Books

NOAA says Arctic will be nearly free of sea ice by the middle of this century

My name is Jim...

Governing Kansas badly

Nat Geo fact checks some science conspiracy theories


Another example of Limbaugh rhetorical bovine excrement

Raiders of the Lost Ark original brainstorming sessions - Boing Boing

When workers aren't considered an asset there are consequences

Salon reports: When workers die: “And nobody called 911″

MAD Artist's Edition looks amazing

NPR report shows how disability in the US relates to the job market

How “dongle” jokes got two people fired—and led to DDoS attacks | Ars Technica

Michelle Bachmann can't go too far

Mega-eruptions Caused Mass Extinction, Study Finds

Since fresh water is something that might get scarce...

NASA rep tell Congress the truth on asteroid defense

Google Keep is live and ready to take your notes | Ars Technica

Google Fiber Expanding to Olathe, Kansas | News & Opinion |

Newt Gingrich: GOP establishment must 'enter the age of the lightbulb' | World news |

Portman Announces Support for Gay Marriage | At the Races

Giant New Telescope Inaugurated in Chile Today

Time for a new RSS reader

Douglas Holtz-Eakin: Balancing the Budget Is Just a Sales Gimmick to Gut the Federal Government. And We Republicans Think It Will Work! [UPDATED] | Angry Bear - Financial and Economic Commentary

Paul Ryan, Faux Wonk

Paul Ryan isn't really changing anything

Maybe some rethinking is in order for astronomers

Cherry-Picking is Child’s Play | Open Mind

A better article on the "extended hockey stick" study