Saturday, March 3, 2012

Is it still talent if it's hopelessly corrupted?

I've read in several places from people who step back and view these things objectively that Rush Limbaugh is, whatever else he may be, a truly talented radio personality. But look at what he chose to do with his career. The incident with his treatment of Sandra Fluke is just the latest case of his mouth producing utter garbage spewed in the direction of those who dare to be put into the position of opposing his political viewpoint for whatever reason. Because she thinks that employers, whether religiously affiliated or not, should have to provide coverage for birth control medication she was called a slut, prostitute and round heeled. And those were the most tasteful things he said. So as my title asks, is he really still a talent? Sure, those who share his viewpoint will never quit listening no matter how outrageous his language or statements are. But wouldn't someone who was still a real talent be able to hold onto an audience, even broadening his audience, without this kind of disgusting display of coarseness?