Thursday, May 16, 2013

John Scalzi on being poor

John Scalzi is a writer of very good science fiction. Well, let me be more accurate. In my opinion John Scalzi writes very, very good and quite possibly great science fiction. Checking his stuff out definitely counts as doing yourself a favor. But he's also been keeping a blog going for years titled Whatever. He even has published a collection of his writings from his blog. I have finally gotten around to reading this book and I recommend Your Hate Mail Will Be Graded: A Decade of Whatever, 1998-2008 as much as I recommend his science fiction. While reading this book I came across one of his posts that I think everyone in this country should read. I remember how much it impressed me and touched me when I first read it online. Do yourself a favor and read Being Poor. Then do your friends a favor and get it to them. Link to it on your blog. Tweet about it. And while you're doing all that think about how much truth there is to it and what it means that far too many in this nation don't think about these things and never try to walk a mile in the shoes of those who they dismiss so casually.