Monday, February 6, 2012

Amateur Hour Turns Into Amateur Day...and Still Counting

So here we are, over 24 hours after the  Nevada caucuses closed and they still haven't come up with a final count. Sound familiar? Iowa lost the results from several meetings completely. Politico has a nice turn of phrase, Nevada caucuses: State GOP rolls snake eyes. When I read that my first thought was "Again?!?!?!". Volunteers and complete amateurs have their place but shouldn't they be better trained and given better tools at a minimum? Error after error taking place in two states that we know of in something as important as the process to determine one of the nominees for president of the United States shouldn't be acceptable. In either party. I hope there are lots of people paying attention to this and it doesn't continue. Heck, a laptop that could read barcodes to let people scan a code next to their choice's name isn't too much to ask and would be easy to set up.