Wednesday, February 15, 2012

This Is It

I tried an experiment that turned out to be very short term. I thought it might be best to have two blogs, one where I'd post political comments and related  things and the other where I would post the geekier/nerdier/technical things that interested me. But after doing this for a little bit with no one noticing at all, of course, I've decided that while the things I read about focusing on a narrow range of subjects so readers know what they're getting when they come to your blog might have a point doing two blogs just won't cut it and that if anyone ever starts reading what I write what they're going to have to realize they're getting is just whatever the heck I feel like linking to or writing about. This will include things like politics, economics, computers, comics, science fiction, science fact, fantasy and mysteries. So if anyone ever reads this, hopefully you'll have fun and learn something.