Saturday, April 6, 2013

Governing Kansas badly

The state of Kansas joins the ranks of states that put ideology ahead of good governance with an anti-choice law. The law states that life begins at conception but has other provisions that seem to say it isn't an attempt to completely ban abortion. It will still probably be challenged in court, though, because of provisions that explicitly block any organizations that provide abortions from taking part in sex education programs in schools, presumably directly targeting Planned Parenthood. In addition the bill blocks any type of tax breaks for any organization that provides abortion services in the name of not providing any tax money, no matter how indirectly, for abortions.

This is in a state that is busy cutting taxes and planning on eliminating the state income tax even while promising to not hurt education any further than existing cuts to education have already done. Governor Brownback and his fellow Republicans seem to be fond of making promises they almost certainly can't keep and wasting even more state money defending the state from lawsuits they didn't have to incur.