Saturday, March 9, 2013

Maybe some rethinking is in order for astronomers

So this afternoon I was looking for something to watch and came upon the History Channel's The Universe on H2. It was the episode entitled "When Space Changed History" and discussed how history has possibly been changed by comets and asteroids. A major part of the show dealt with the work of the Holocene Impact Working Group. Basically they go against the tide of mainstream astronomy by claiming that impacts are more common than believed and have affected the planet and mankind's history because of that. The show presents a balanced view explaining the cases presented both by the group and those scientists that disagree with them. One of the things the astronomers who disagree with the working group's hypothesis said, though, was that we should see far more close approaches than we do if they were right. As I was watching, though, I found myself wondering if in light of 2013 ET, 2013 EC and the Chelyabinsk meteor there might be some re-evaluation going on in some scientific circles. Of course there's always this information to consider as well. Maybe a lot more money for NEO projects just might be a good idea.