Saturday, March 9, 2013

Are game companies capable of learning?

Slashgear tells us how EA hopes to make up to its users for the massive mess they made of the new SimCity. What did they do? They implemented yet another DRM scheme that requires server login every single time you want to play the game with absolutely no idea of what kind of server load they would get. The same mistake was made when Diablo III was released by Blizzard but it seems that EA has made an even worse mess of it. One reason I hate this kind of DRM plan is that with the modern state of computing you could buy a nice laptop gaming rig and then find yourself somewhere with no signal and be unable to play a game you purchased legitimately.

It's wonderful executive bean-counter moves like this that make me think the corporate world is full of folks who attended the same management school that produced the pointy haired boss in Dilbert. Remember, Scott Adams does like basing his work on real world situations.